Mentor Mondays: Zoe Jackson

Ask any entrepreneur about an experience that helped them develop, and ‘being mentored’ will crop up again and again. Mentoring gives you that head start, that confidence boost, and that guidance to take your business to the next level.

Virgin's Mentor Mondays is a series that gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from the business wisdom of entrepreneurs from all industries and stages. Today’s nugget comes from Zoe Jackson, founder of Living the Dream, a performing arts company and charity. Zoe started the business when she was just 16, and since then she’s been awarded a Queen’s Young Leader award, been named one of Elle’s ‘100 Most Inspiring Women In The World’, and led the Children in Need 2015 Danceathon at Wembley Arena. Zoe is also a Virgin Media Pioneer. Here’s her advice on staying passionate, and business for good.

“I set up my business Living The Dream when I was 16 to inspire young people and champion talent. It’s a performing arts company and we now have a school, a dance company, a talent agency, and a charity.

Living The Dream started to grow after we did a flash mob at St Pancras station in London with 100 dancers, and we did it in aid of charity. The video started going viral - suddenly people knew who we were,  and they started getting on the phone and wanting to work with us.

My advice for budding entrepreneurs is to stay passionate about doing good and making a difference. Keeping your values and integrity at the core of everything that you do is vital to making sure you can grow your business and change people’s lives.”