StartUp New Years resolutions for 2016

Merry New Year one and all! It’s a brand new year full of brand new opportunities, and we’re so excited to get going shortly.

It’s time to make some resolutions and set some goals for the upcoming year. We asked our Virgin StartUp ambassadors for their 2016 aims – why not share yours with us over on Twitter?

Fran Glover and Carrie Weekes, A Natural Undertaking

Natural Undertaking

"Our resolution is to stay focussed and to ensure that, as we grow, empowering our customers is central to everything we do and every commercial decision we make.”

Matt Doyle, Launchcloud


“My resolution for 2016 will be to adventure more when I travel on business. It’s sometime too tempting to just go to the hotel and rest, and not go out and discover the new place.”

Suzanne Noble, Frugl


“This year I resolve to take a day off every week to relax and spend time with friends!”

Zara Neild, Zara Cakes

Zara Cakes

"Mine personally is to take a full week's holiday somewhere sunny and hot with the kids. Businesswise, my aim is to go completely digital at Zara Cakes - from processing orders to timesheets and more."

Hazel Merlino, Rainbow Factory

Rainbow Factory

"My business New Years Resolution is to not wake with a renewed mind and spirit, ready to take on the world, only to immediately look at insignificant email, be distracted and become concerned. Rather wake, ready to take on the world, focus immediately on the most important task of the day and then (only then) look at emails."

Oli Weekes, G2 Brewing

G2 Brewing

“A new year brings new opportunities. We at G2 want to make sure we are best placed to take advantage of them by keeping up the hard work and commitment that we have shown in 2015. But one thing we have learned this year is detail, detail, detail. It's better to take a little longer to do something and get it right the first time or you may face doing it again - rushing is a false economy. So do things right, and don't rush them. Happy new year from all of us at G2!”


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