Nowadays, thanks to the development of tools and technology, we're in the age of the digital nomand - aka you really run a business from anywhere in the world. One such entrepreneur doing this is George Sanderson, the founder of Legacy Homewear. Here are the tools that help him work remotely and run a business from anywhere. You can follow George’s business journey on Instagram.

How to run a business from anywhere - Legacy Homeware

This time six months ago I was sat in an office in Salford building a tech startup in the UK Higher Education space; the hours were long and the commutes were cold. Today I am sat writing this at a rooftop cafe in Chiang Mai where the weather is currently 32 degrees. Then for lunch, I’m meeting some other e-commerce entrepreneurs for Kaoh Soi (a famous northern Thailand dish). 

My name is George Sanderson and I run a high-end home and kitchen goods store, sold exclusively online. We've just had our biggest sales week to date and have launched two new product lines right in time for Christmas - we sell predominantly in the UK and Germany.  

So how is it possible that I can run a business that operates predominantly in Europe all the way over here in Thailand, where the time is seven hours ahead? It's due to the tools and systems that are now available to anyone with an internet connection. Here are the key ones that help me run my business.

How to run a business from anywhere - Legacy Homeware


Logistics can be tricky even when you’re in the same country as your business - sometimes it’s worth using a third party to save yourself time, prevent mistakes, and provide a more professional experience. This tool allows me to orchestrate all of our shipping and freight from our suppliers in China & Taiwan to warehouses throughout the UK. 

Fufilment by Amazon

For the moment we keep all of our stock in Amazon warehouses and predominately sell on their platform. The beauty of this is that Amazon deals with everything from warehousing to fulfillment of orders, meaning we never even have to touch the products - this truly means we can ship from everywhere. They go from: Manufacturer > Freight Forwarder > Amazon Warehouse > Customer. 

Cash Cow Pro 

I use this tool to manage the company cashflow and inventory, as running a product-based business means that most of our cash is constantly tied up in stock. Too much stock and we don't have enough capital to invest in new product lines; too little stock and we risk leaving money on the table by having in-demand items go out of stock. It’s a fine balance that’s important to get right. This tool alerts me when the stock of a particular item needs re-ordering, by analysing previous sales patterns for that item and factoring in lead times and shipping.


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