VIDEO: how to beat your competitors

To get funding from Virgin StartUp we need to know why people will buy from you.  Sounds simple and it is, if we’re honest.

Watch this video where Marty Bell, co-founder of Tens Sunglasses, explains how his start-up created a product that was different to its competitors and why his customers buy it.


N.B In the fist six months since launching, Tens has sold over 10,000 sunglasses in over 100 countries.


Who are Tens' competitors?


Every other sunglasses brand.


Why did people stop buying from other brands and come to Tens?

Marty and his co-founders decided to focus on what the world looked like, through the glasses, as opposed to what their customer looked like wearing the glasses.  In a word, they  added an Instagram filter to the sunglasses. This means the world looks better, when wearing the glasses. Simple, yet effective.

How do Tens keep themselves ahead?

Producing the best content and imagery in the filter sunglasses category. This is so when people Google,' filter sunglasses' or 'Instagram sunglasses' all you can find is Tens.

How did Marty work out how much to sell the product for?


Marty didn’t want Tens to be £10 sunglasses that you can lose on an adventure, but you don’t care as they are so cheap. But he didn’t want them to be so expensive that people wouldn’t wear them when they’re at a festival or out on an adventure.

So they decided to price them at £64. This allows them to make a profit after they’ve paid VAT; postage costs and gives a price that shops are happy to sell at, but is still cheap enough that they are accessible to as many people as possible.