VIDEO: How to build brand loyalty

It's not all about attracting new customers when you're running a business - it's also about keeping your existing ones happy and coming back for more. But how can you go about providing a brand and user experience that sets you apart? In the video below our panellists from the #VirginWow event talk about getting to know your customers, and creating a brand that people feel connected to.

Nikki Hesford - founder of Made in Preston

"We have a customer profile that describes our core customer. She’s called 'Maria' and we’ve even drawn her out – we know how old she is, what she drives, where she works, and what she wears! If we’re losing our way a little bit we pull out the customer profile and remind ourselves of just who 'Maria' is. Keep who your core customer is at the back of your mind at all times."

Robyn McGirl - CEO at Talent Puzzle

"The whole team needs to know exactly what your brand is and what you stand for – and how to communicate that brand on a day to day business. If you don’t understand what your product or business is, your target audience won't know either."

Nishma Robb – Head of UK marketing at Google

"You need to know and demonstrate what need it is your product is fulfilling - what’s the gap? What’s the opportunity? The best ideas are very simple - they can seem so obvious, and you wonder why nobody has thought of it before. But you have, and someone else hasn’t.

"I see businesses failing when they're crippled by indecision. Try something, and if it doesn’t work try something else – it sounds simple but it’s actually the hardest thing. People can be perfectionists, but don’t wait for your product to be ‘perfect’ – get it out there."

Louise Court - UK Editor of Cosmopolitan

"Going back centuries, as well as in marketing today, word of mouth is extremely powerful. Marketing is really important but at the end of the day you need to have a great product that people will talk about and go back to again and again."

Rose Price - Head buyer at Ocado

"You need to work with whoever you’re selling your products with to make sure they get to the top."

Martha Swift, Primrose Bakery

"I decided what I really wanted my bakery to stand for and what the brand would be about, and stuck to it. I always want my products to be about quality and consistency, really focussing on what you’re good at doing and sticking to it – and never forgetting where you started from or taking things for granted."