VIDEO: How to focus on a target audience

The best ideas are the ones that approach a problem in a different way, and come up with a solution that nobody else has. Will Crosthwait is the founder of Auditionist, a platform to connect actors and entertainers directly with casting agents. In the video below, he talks about how he used tech to find a solution to inefficient traditional casting methods.

Finding a solution

We saw first-hand that traditional solutions to matching production companies with actors were difficult to use and inefficient – actors spent a lot of time waiting around. We thought there had to be a better solution, and decided to create a tech platform that would make the process easier and more effective.

Targeting the right people

Because we’re a marketplace, we were working with two target audiences – actors and production companies – so we had to decide which one to engage with first. We decided to go with actors, getting them on the site and building up a really exciting bank of skilled entertainers. We put a sophisticated social media strategy in place with a strong message, including promoting a new auditionee every week, to get people engaged and help the word spread. If you have a disruptive product, you’ve got to have a disruptive approach to marketing too!