Video: how to pitch your business idea

Having a great business idea gives you butterflies. Seriously, top business ideas take up your spare time, occupy your thoughts and become the subject of your dreams. But for a business idea to succeed, it’s vital you stir that passion in others when telling them your vision.

David McQueen is an expert in this. He’s founder of Magnificent Minds, a company that specialises in progammes and coaching for public speaking, presentation skills and pitching. He’s also the presenter for the Virgin Media Pitch to Rich competition that sees the UK’s best startup entrepreneurs have 90 seconds to pitch their business idea to Sir Richard Branson for investment.

In this video he gives his top tips for how to deliver a business pitch that mean investors, co-founders or customers understand how great your ideas is straight away and results in their next question being, ‘how can I be involved?”

1.)  Know your product

Know your product inside out. Whoever you are pitching to will have questions, what market does it serve? Who are your target customers? How much does it cost to make? What problem is it solving? If you really know your product inside out, no one can catch you out.

2.) Practice

Practise like your life depends on it.  A lot of people think they can go talk about their idea and everything will be fine. But the being able to practise your pitch means when you deliver that message, it’s really clear. It also means you can pitch your business at the drop the hat, whether it’s for 5 seconds or an hour.

3.)  Be yourself

“When a lot of people go to pitch, they feel they have to put on some kind of air and grace or some really posh voice, some even use long words like onomatopoeia or misconception. Truth is, no one really cares about your big words. They just want you to keep it simple. Be yourself and don’t use industry jargon. Use words that someone can really understand and not have to second- guess. People will want to buy into you, not some false image that you’re trying to put out.”