VIDEO: these six entrepreneurs have 90 seconds to pitch their business idea to Richard Branson

Ninety seconds. The time it takes to boil a kettle, toast some bread or travel a few floors in a lift. It’s also how long the finalists of Pitch2Rich will have to explain their business idea to an audience of entrepreneurs, press and of course Sir Richard Branson and his panel of expert judges. No pressure!

With that in mind, we invited the six finalists of Pitch2Rich to meet with pitching expert, Dave McQueen where he gave them valuable advice on how to win over an audience in a minute and a half. It also gave us a perfect opportunity to find out more about the six businesses that the public chose to pitch to Richard Branson.

The Pitch to Rich final will be streamed live on from 11am BST. The businesses will be competing for two awards, each with a £5,000 grand prize. There will also be a Audience Choice Award. You can vote for this while the pitching is live on

The Virgin StartUp Award Finalists

  • Igor Rubets

Company: Boxhug
Business pitch to Rich: Boxhug is First Class Storage by the box and same-day delivery. We collect, safely store and return your stuff from your doorstep. Boxhug is professional, hassle-free storage, by the box. Allowing you to store as little, or as much as you need.

  • Lettija Lee

Company: PecoPoncho
Business pitch to Rich: PecoPoncho’s goal is to enhance the customer’s event experience by providing a solution to inclement weather whilst being environmentally aware. PecoPoncho is a brand of disposable rain ponchos, offering essential weather protection wear for customers attending outdoor events and promoting clients’ corporate responsibility profile.

  • Carl Thomas

Company: Audiowings
Business pitch to Rich: The way we listen to music is changing. No longer do we want 1000 songs in our pocket. Now we want all our favourite music, straight in our ears, with nothing in the way. That’s why at Audiowings we’re bringing popular audio services like Spotify to premium headphones, and making them smart.

Innovation Award finalists

  • Jamie Grant

Company: Lines
Business pitch to Rich: My vision is to bring wearable technology to snowsports; bearing in mind that snowsports are both physically demanding and inherently active, they provide the perfect setting to realise wearable technology’s full potential.

  • Carl Thomas

Company: miPic Ltd

Business pitch to Rich: miPic is a social platform for mobile artographers to share images and sell art to a global audience, earning money for free. miPic enables mobile artists to share and sell their imagery to a global audience as physical art products, through an elegant social platform.

  • Chris Thorpe

Company: I Can Make
Business pitch to Rich: Sales of 3D printers are on the rise at home and school but no one is quite sure what to print. We can fix that. We sell fun, educational things for children and adults to make on 3D printers. Iconic, amazing things that changed the world. From Stephenson’s Rocket, to Space Ship One.

You buy, download, print and build your kit, learning as you go.