Virgin StartUp Mentoring in Action – Annalisa Del Carro

Annalisa is the Managing Director of Clooci Creative, a creative agency which specialises in fun, energetic branding for food packaging and retail. Their emphasis is on producing youthful and exciting concepts – and this, as well as her love of fashion and experience in the industry, makes her perfectly matched to her mentee. Mark Johnson, director at high-end fashion brand House of Esther, is passionate about creating amazing clothing for women.

Annalisa became a mentor because of her love of new projects and eagerness to be involved with them, and because she’s passionate about connecting with people and helping them on their way. Mark believes that mentors encourage you to go forward, suggesting things you might not even have thought about. In this video they discuss how mentoring has been beneficial for the both of them, helping Mark take his next business steps and allowing Annalisa to stay involved with the development of a new, exciting fashion brand.

About mentoring

As Annalisa and Mark demonstrate, the Virgin StartUp programme doesn’t just fund you – it also gives you the support and resources that, in conjunction with your funding, will enable you to give your business the most solid foundation possible.

Virgin StartUp mentoring goes above and beyond other mentoring schemes. Our mentors commit to a minimum of two hours per month in the first three months, then hourly per month for the remainder of the first year and quarterly in year two. In between, most will Skype, email, talk on the phone, and stay in touch. It’s more than networking and business connections; it’s about forging professional relationships (and friendships!) that last your entire career.

Using our unique matching system (based on online dating technology), we ask questions of both the mentor and mentee – and use the answers to put the perfect ones together. This results in people whose strengths and weaknesses complement each other, who work well together, and whose experience is relevant.