Virgin StartUp mentoring in action - Manny Kanabe

Manny Kanabe is the CEO of I Generation Consulting Ltd, and the CFO for many exciting other companies, working with key business figures all over the globe - from the the Post Office Network, where he helped develop an exciting new tech platform, to some of the biggest international airlines.

Now he’s joined Virgin StartUp as a mentor because he wants to give back to the startup community and help other entrepreneurs follow their dreams. His multi-faceted skills are perfectly matched to the innovation of his mentee Gary McFarlane, the founder of Virgin StartUp’s first app development company, Gaznian. In this video they talk about the impact that Manny’s mentoring has had on Gaznian’s progress.

Mentoring: how it works

As Manny and Gary demonstrate, the Virgin StartUp Loan programme isn’t just about giving you the money to develop your business. It’s also about helping you in the right direction with mentors who really care, and who often become valuable contacts – and friends – long after their designated mentoring period ends.

Virgin StartUp mentoring goes above and beyond other mentoring programmes. Our mentors are required to provide face-to-face sessions for a minimum of two hours per month in the first three months, then hourly per month for the remainder of the first year, and quarterly in year two if both parties wish to continue the relationship – so you’re guaranteed face time with an entrepreneur who’s been in your shoes and knows the challenges you face.

During the sign-up period, we ask you questions which we then use to match you with your perfect mentor or mentee through an innovative software. Think of it as online dating, but for bringing together awesome business teams! This way you end up paired with someone whose skills and strengths complement your weaknesses, helping you become the very best you can be.

Support can be difficult to find when you’re starting out. By providing you with an engaged and experienced mentor, we can help give you the confidence to take your business to the next level – or even just get it off the ground – creating amazing contacts and professional networks at the same time.