Why I want to export - CLUO Beauty Drink

Thanks to internet, our increasingly globalised world,  and with more support available than ever before, exporting is no longer just for big businesses. More and more startups are starting up, or planning to in the future - 53% of startups we asked in our survey said that going global was in their future plans.

Pearl Jarrett is the founder of CLUO Beauty Drink, the first beauty drink to use the superfood Moringa - a true superfood thanks to its vitamin-packed leaves. Only recently launched, CLUO is already winning fans and awards for innovation. Pearl is already looking beyond the UK to international possibilities, and we think her vision is awesome! Here are reasons for wanting to support - are any of them familiar to your own venture?

Why do you want to export your product?

We are start up but I don’t believe that that should excludes from exporting as the world is a big place.  Instead of just fighting for shelf space in the UK our strategy is to search wider afield, where there is a real desire for British-made products.

What steps have you taken to exporting?

Last year we visited a business exhibition and they had a section there called Going Global.  This was very interesting, and we intend to visit again this year.  We found lots of good info that helped.  We also regularly look on the UKTI website and we apply for opportunities in the field of drinks.

Why do you think your product would do well in other countries?

As I mentioned before, there is a desire abroad for British-made products.  British-made products are deemed to be high-quality and a trusted standard.  In addition to this, we are seeing interest from countries like the UAE, Egypt and Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait etc.  In some countries there is a large obesity issue, and health is really becoming the focus.  CLUO is a health and beauty drink - it's not only extremely good for your health, but is very good for your skin also.  It fits nicely into the ethos of leading a healthy lifestyle as it is made from organic Moringa, with natural flavours and colour, and is only one or two calories per bottle depending on which one you choose.  We have found that there isn’t a lot of competition for beauty drinks, as it is a new category.  Furthermore we are always the first beauty drink to be made from the superfood Moringa.

Do you feel it’s the right time or are you waiting to get more experience before launching into exporting?

We feel the time is now.  We are a young company, but as individuals we have export experience from other companies in our careers and so the process is not completely unfamiliar.

What initiatives or schemes are you interested in or have used?

UKTI have an opportunities page, but they have also given us a list of e-commence sites where they have negotiated good rates for exporters who come through them. We are also going to try some of these out, but some are not straightforward as you need translation or local partnerships.

Do you feel the government could do more to help small businesses to export?

Actually so far I am finding that UKTI is providing a good service and they, as a government-funded business, seem to be helping small businesses to export, so I am happy.  So far, so good!

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