When you're starting out, one of the big questions is: do you do it all yourself, or do you enlist the help of professionals? Being an entrepreneur means wearing a lot of hats - marketing, finance, sales and more - and getting an agency on board can be a way to get professional's eye, as well as freeing up a bit more time to focus on other elements of the business. We chatted to James Noble of MyFirstUK, young driver insurance specialists, about why they decided to use an agency to work on their design and social media.

James Noble, MyFirst - Why we use an agency to do our creative design and social media

Deciding to use an agency

We decided to work with Imaginize after meeting with their founder and MD Joe Banevicius. It was very obvious from the start that he had a clear vision for the way our brand targets its young adults, and had the expertise to create the best strategy for us. We are both young entrepreneurs and I think that has really helped the relationship because we are able to bounce ideas off one another. One important thing is that we are both in the age range of the target market - this gives a good idea about what we think will work.

We decided that we would see a positive impact using an agency once the volume of our business increased. When more and more people are looking at your brand it's really important to keep a constant theme throughout all of your products and the way things look. Imaginize give us that professional consistency which we were unable to create ourselves.

Working with an agency on a day-by-day basis

They oversee everything from our website maintenance right the way through to visuals and creative design, which keeps things consistent (as mentioned above) and gives us more time to concentrate on other areas of the business. We communicate on a daily basis regarding logistics such as our social media competitions and various areas of design. 

Benefits of working with an agency

Since switching from a DIY approach as the company has grown, we have seen a huge impact. By allowing professionals to focus on the design areas of the business, you see a big step up in the quality of the work that's being produced. I think this relays directly to the customers and how they view the brand. Its much more appealing to someone when your brand looks cool and slick, and you naturally put your trust in a brand that looks more professional.

James Noble, MyFirst - Why we use an agency to do our creative design and social media

Since we have started the relationship between MyFirstUK and Imaginize, as a start-up having just gone through the Virgin StartUp process, we have gone from strength to strength. We are now looking to complete our latest raise at a £2,500,000 valuation, and a huge part of this growth has been the way people are now viewing our brand. We have also just signed an exclusive deal with Nextbase and Halfords to launch the first ever Dashcam insurance policy for young drivers that can result in up to a 30% discount! This is something we are super excited about.

Tips for other startups

My tip to any young entrepreneur would be to do as much as you can on your own when you first start up, but once you get to a more established level it's always worth considering whether a professional agency could help you progress. The work will always be to a higher standard and it could help you gain customers and client trust. 

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