How to #FailAndSucceed: lessons from Tyra Banks and Richard Branson

Even the world's best entrepreneurs fail from time to time. Nobody likes to fail - but if you’re failing it means that you’re aiming big, and learning valuable lessons about how to do things better on the next attempt.

When most people think of failure they don’t tend to think of people like Trazy DiNunzio, founder of Tradesy – a hugely successful platform that allows people to resell their high-value second-hand clothes. It’s also unlikely that they think of Tyra Banks - model, one of America’s most high-profile television personalities, and founder of new venture Tyra Beauty – and Richard Branson (who, if you're reading this, probably needs no introduction). Yet all three entrepreneurs have failure in common. They’ve failed, gotten back up, and kept going – and it’s made them and their businesses stronger. Here are our key takeaways from the Virgin Unite Google Hangout where they discussed failure and why it’s important for entrepreneurs.

Why failure isn’t the end of the world


Why failure isnt end of the world 1

Why failure isnt end of the world 2

why failure isnt end of world 5

why failure isnt the end of the world 3

why fialure isnt end of the world 4


How to avoid failure

How to avoid failure 1

How to avoid failure 2

How to avoid failure 3


Why self-funding is important

Self-funding 1

self-funding 2

self-funding 3


Helping new entrepreneurs

Helping new entrepreneurs 1

Helping new entrepreneurs 2

helping new entrepreneurs 3


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