Our mentors are a key part of the Virgin StartUp programme, helping our entrepreneurs get the best possible start to their ventures. For December, our Mentor of the Month is Matt Doyle of Launchcloud. Let's find out a little bit more about how Matt helps our startups!

Business name: Launchcloud
Based in: Matt lives in Reading 
Website: www.launchcloud.com
Twitter: @mattadoyle / @launchcloud 
Facebook: Matt Doyle
Mentee: Joe Bloom 

Matt Doyle - Mentor of the Month

What's your specialist area of business?

Launchcloud is a online platform for data management and automation. It allows you to get insight into data in real time. Launchcloud has the power of enterprise software with a user interface your whole team can use. Our brandable dashboard allows the non-technical personnel in your team to manage data and insight simply and at scale.

Sum up your attitude to business in one word


How do you make sure you achieve your daily goals?

I do a daily meditation to start the day with focus. I then make daily to-do notes based on my quarterly goals.   

What tech can't you live without?

My Iphone, and my Macbook Pro 

What book/magazine would you recommend people read, and why?

I recommend the below books as they have become the backbone of my entrepreneur beliefs and have helped me stay focused on what is important. 

The Lean Start Up - Eric Ries
Rework - David Heinemeir Hansson & Jason Fried
Tribes - Seth Godin
I also recommend Monocle Magazine, because Monocle has opened my mine to the the amazing cities and places of the world. What interests me most is getting a taste of other cultures and the standard of living. I am always in the pursuit for the best of something. The best coffee, best tea, best gin, best place to live. Monocle helps me immerse myself in other peoples passions. 

Why do you love being a VSU mentor?

I love working  along side passionate and driven people - it gets me pumped up. Also helping startups one-on-one or in a masterclass helps me crystallise my beliefs on business and strategy. If you can explain a concept simply, then you truly understand your subject matter.

What's the best piece of startup advice you have received?

Build, measure, learn, repeat!

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