Business name: Spiritas Limited

Based in: Crawley, West Sussex


Twitter: @mktgaction

Mentee: Matt Jordan,

Virgin StartUp Mentor of the Month - James Macdonald

What’s your current business?

I am the director of marketing agency Spiritas.

What’s your specialist area of business?


Sum up your attitude to business in one word:


How do you make sure you achieve your daily goals?


What tech can’t you live without?

My laptop.

What book/magazine/blog would you recommend people read, and why?

The E-Myth Revisited - Michael Gerber. Nobody is fully qualified to start, run, work with or sell to any small business until they have read this book.

Why do you love being a VSU mentor?

The chance to show small businesses why good marketing is not optional - it's mandatory. I show them what they need to be doing and tell them how much it should cost, so they don't under-invest or overspend. I have also received a lot of mentoring and advice from friends and particularly ex-Unilever colleagues over the years - it's always invaluable.

What’s the best startup advice you have received?

An old friend and mentor, Mike Towner, who was a Sales Director at Brooke Bond and ran his own company during his impressive career, once told me “You just have to keep going.” That was 20 years ago, and I still value it today.