Business name: Emarketeers

Based in: London


Twitter: @Emarketeers / @JonathanSaipe


Mentee: Katrina De Toney of Poppies & Polka Dots


Jonathan Saipe, Mentor of the Month


What’s your current business?

My current business is Emarketeers. I founded it 9 years ago and we now run 45 courses and train over 1,800 brands each year. Our clients include 45 of the FTSE 100 and we employ 25 specialist consultant trainers. Our ethos is to help people and brands achieve digital transformation, thereby improving personal and business goals.


What’s your specialist area of business?

Digital marketing training and consulting.


Sum up your attitude to business in one word: 



How do you make sure you achieve your daily goals?

My Trello board!


What tech can’t you live without?

My iPhone Strava app. I cycle every day, and Strava’s clever technology enables me to track segments of my journey and my own fitness goals. If I’m feeling competitive, I can compare my segments with other riders. Keeps me on my toes!


What book/magazine/blog would you recommend people read, and why?

Dave Trott’s book, “Creative Mischief”. Every day we are presented with challenges and problems that require quick solutions or decisions, often in stressful situations. “Creative Mischief” teaches you to look at seemingly intractable problems in a different light. It’s very liberating, and enables you to think in more lateral terms.


Why do you love being a VSU mentor?

My day job is all about helping people or brands achieve digital transformation. As a VSU mentor, there is no better feeling than empowering someone and seeing “the penny drop”. Incredibly gratifying!


What’s the best startup advice you have received?

Never lose focus of the core function and purpose of your business.



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