We are big believers in the power of mentoring at Virgin StartUp - it's a way for startups to tap into the advice of entrepreneurs who have been there and done it before, bounce ideas around, and generally get help and support to take things to the next level with their business. This month, our featured mentor is Penny Wing, who mentors Judith Marples of JMH Aspirations. Here's how she runs her business.

Business name: Wings Telemarketing

Based in: Iver, South Bucks

Website: www.wingstelemarketing.com

Twitter: @PennyWingUK

Mentee: Judith Marples, JMH Aspirations

Penny Wing Mentor of the Month

What’s your current business?           

Telemarketing coaching and consultancy to entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as working on special telemarketing projects for a few key clients

What’s your specialist area of business?

Cold-calling, lead generation, appointment-making, telephone recruitment interviews, and market research.

Sum up your attitude to business in one word           


How do you make sure you achieve your daily goals?     

I prioritise with lists, highlighting urgent versus important tasks and writing every task down so nothing is forgotten.

What tech can’t you live without?    

It has to be the telephone! The tool of my trade.

What book/magazine/blog would you recommend people read, and why? 

The Emyth Revisted, by Michael Gerber. It provides good sound advice with great examples and helps you appreciate the difference between working in your business as opposed to on your business – vital for an entrepreneur.

Why do you love being a VSU mentor?   

I feel I have learnt a lot over the years, some of it the hard way, and if I can help other people by sharing my experience and helping them avoid certain pitfalls, then I get a good sense of achievement. It's great to see somebody else do well.

What’s the best startup advice you have received? 

Don’t expect everybody else to do the work exactly the way you do.


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