Brighton: the best place in the UK to start up

It’s official: Brighton is the best place in the UK to start a business, according to the Association of Accounting Technicians. Better known for nightlife and seaside vibes, it turns out that the high number of businesses starting up have also turned it into a startup hub.

Rankings were based on digital connectivity, pollution levels, and property prices – all areas where London fared badly. Combined with excellent transport links to the capital and a pleasant quality of life, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are choosing to start up in Brighton, rather than plump for the sky-high rents and competitiveness of London and other major UK cities.

We spoke to local entrepreneurs Liz Fitzsimons and Jessie Fox, co-founders of Synchrofitness, about why starting up besides the sea is great. They received a Virgin StartUp loan of £5,000 to help start Synchrofitness.

Why Brighton is good to start up

Brighton is a good place to start up because, if you have a location-based business like ours, people are interested in new things and will give them a go. It’s easy to find like-minded people to work with, such as branding experts, and being small companies, they are great to work with.  There is a wealth of expertise in new technology, marketing and promotion, particularly in social media.

Starting up

I would describe our experience of starting up in Brighton as (literally) jumping around in my kitchen when we got the first sign-up for our SynchroFitness classes on the first day we opened bookings. We had a great team behind us to help us get to that point. There was a real buzz and we got a great reception. We met someone recently who was visiting the city who'd heard of us because we were blogged about as an unusual activity to do in Brighton.

Businesses that do well

We think innovative and exciting, non-traditional businesses do well in Brighton because Brighton itself has a vibe of its own. But it’s also a stepping stone to the world through the internet, and the expertise is here to make that work for you.

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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