“There’s nothing worse as a woman to feel unconfident,” said Jordan Lansdown, founder of J Luxe Fit. 

When you set a goal in life, you want to feel as motivated and driven as possible to be able to achieve it. Sometimes, this means looking - and feeling the part. 

When she started on her fitness journey, Jordan struggled to find activewear that fit her and was supportive enough to make her feel confident when working out.

J.Luxe Founder Jordan Lansdown. Credit: ChelseaMayPhotography
J.Luxe Founder Jordan Lansdown. Credit: ChelseaMayPhotography

She was finding it harder to get plus size activewear and be motivated to be in the gym environment, despite loving sport from a young age.

Mentally this took a toll on her, so she decided to take the matter into her own hands. 

This was the start of her journey to change the activewear industry. 

Jordan set up J Luxe Fit to create a brand that was inclusive, with a community that empowers everyone to embrace body positivity, be supported and feel confident.

To kick off her founder journey, Jordan got a Start Up Loan from Virgin StartUp. 

“I love being a founder because I get to meet our community - we all support each other. There’s no way of describing how amazing it is to meet customers, speak to them and hug them – it’s  incredible,” she said.

Sometimes for founders, passion and purpose comes easy, and you can find yourself with the prospect of a new business which has customers and gaining traction quickly. The challenging part is growing and scaling your venture to the next level. 

“My main challenge is digital marketing and having enough time to do it,” Jordan admitted. 

Like so many founders, Jordan turned to Fiverr to help find creative talent to work on marketing campaigns and advertising design. 

We provided her with £1000 in Fiverr credits to hire freelancers to get the much-needed extra hands-on help. With Jordan’s  busy schedule filling up quickly, being pulled “from pillar to post”, Fiverr was an excellent way to delegate responsibilities to external experts who knew exactly what her business needed.

Fiverr has experts in a range of digital marketing services, including those who specialise in specific tools and services, like Kalvyo. Jordan partnered with freelancer Taimoor, to help her set up email campaigns on Klavyo designed for ecommerce business.

“Fiverr is amazing. You can find someone with so much more experience in the particular areas you’re searching for.”

Email flow
Got the flow. Example of a welcome email created by Taimoor for J.Luxe

“They will be better than me so the question for me isn’t why, it’s why I haven’t done this sooner”

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