When it comes to starting a business, it’s all about putting one step in front of another. That’s why we’re running #DoOneThingThisWeek – an approachable and achievable way for you to make your business dream a reality. Just one task a week – it’s that simple! Last week we focussed on market research – what’s this week got in store?

Do one thing this week - week 4

Week 4: Know your customers

As the saying goes, the customer is king – but just who are these customers? For #DoOneThingThisWeek Week 4, we want you to get to know your ideal customer a bit better. Write us a paragraph or a list all about them. How old are they? What do they like to do? What’s their disposable income level, and why would they want your product?

Have fun with it – you could even name them or draw a picture! Share your progress with us on the #DoOneThingThisWeek hashtag, and get involved – we’re excited to see what you come up with. And if you’re feeling especially motivated, check out previous weeks here, here, and here!


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