Do small businesses want to stay in the EU?

As the prospect of an EU referendum looms closer, and people debate the pros and cons of staying, what do small businesses think? Now that startups are exporting from earlier stages, it’s no longer a question for big businesses – it’s relevant to all entrepreneurs.

Research released today by the Federation of Small Business (FSB) revealed that small business owners are split on the topic of whether to stay in the EU or not. 47% would vote to stay, but a 41% would vote to leave, and a further 11% were undecided, the last 1% saying they would abstain from voting or preferred not to say.

Breaking it down into nations and regions throws up some interesting statistics. In Scotland, 60% of firms want to stay, making the position of business owners north of the border less divided; but in the East Midlands, 49% want to go.

To have such a big issue with serious business implications neck and neck in the polls demonstrates that small business owners would welcome more information on the subject and just what leaving the EU – or staying in – would mean. One in three members of the 6,000 surveyed said they didn’t feel informed about the EU from a business point of view.

Where do you stand on the issue? Are you a small business who thinks leaving the EU would make working with other countries too costly – or are you a startup hopeful that leaving would help us a negotiate a better deal and less red tape? Let us know with our survey below!

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