Our flagship event Doing Business with Big Business is an amazing opportunity for startups to learn about the procurement process directly from big brands. It's a chance to educate yourself, network, and generally gain insight into the complicated world of procurement. We recently announced some speakers at the event, and now we're very excited to announce more - read on below!

Procurement Manager – Tesco

This speaker originally gained worked in procurement for the oil and gas industry, before joining the Tesco Procurement team two and a half years ago. They've managed a wide variety of services such as Insurance, Recruitment, Global Mobility and Consultants, giving them a wide range of experience across all sorts of procurements. Currently, they're managing all Security procurement for Tesco.

Head of Marketing and Product Development - GateGroup

The Head of Marketing and Product Development is a marketing specialist and product developer with 15 years’ experience in Europe and North America, and a background has been built in entrepreneurial foodservice start-ups. They started their career in Michelin fine dining restaurants as a chef, progressing into creating, founding and raising finance for London’s only take and bake pizza concept. Now they lead product and service development, supplier development and relationship managemen, including strategic marketing acitivities and negotiation.

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