Starting a business doesn’t have to mean quitting your job and going all-in immediately – you can start small. That’s what #DoOneThingThisWeek is all about.

As the name suggests, every week we’ll be setting a manageable task based on the Virgin StartUp Business Plan Template (free to download here) that will help you get on track to making your business idea a reality. You could spend ten minutes, an hour, or more – however much time you want to spare. The important thing is just doing that one thing!

Do one thing this week week 1 - image 1
Do one thing this week week 1 - image 2

Last week the task was to refine your business proposition. This week, we’re onto the story of your business: how did you come up with your idea? Tell us about your lightbulb moment, why you believe in it, and why you’re the right person to be turning this idea into reality.

You can do it however you want – a tweet, a video,  a picture, a sentence. Just share that lightbulb moment with us.

Storytelling is vital when it comes to starting a business, because people aren’t just investing in an idea – they’re investing in you, in your passion, and your story! A compelling background for your business gets people interested.

Share your progress on the #DoOneThingThisWeek hashtag over on Twitter and Instagram, tweet us on @VirginStartUp, and get involved – it only takes a few minutes to take that first step towards your business. And if you’re feeling really enthusiastic, you can even do last week’s task too! Let’s do this.

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