Starting a business is easier when you commit to completing one task at a time. That’s why we run #DoOneThingThisWeek – it’s one task that you can complete over the next seven days that will take you closer to realising that dream of starting your own business. GOOD LUCK!

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Last week the task was to tell the story of your startup. This week, we want you to do a piece of market research.

Market research is crucial to establishing demand for your business, and so this week we want you to carry out at least one piece of market research. Whether it’s a survey through a free online tool such as SurveyMonkey, good old-fashioned asking people for their thoughts with a clipboard in hand, or setting up a simple landing page where you can gauge interest in your idea through people signing up, there are loads of quick and easy ways to do some market research.

By doing market research you find out exactly what your customers want, and you can tweak your service or product to ensure that it appeals to people. It also means you don’t waste time and money focussing on aspects of your product or service that don’t work.

Share your progress on the #DoOneThingThisWeek hashtag over on Twitter and Instagram, tweet us on @VirginStartUp, and get involved – it only takes a few minutes to take that first step towards your business. And if you’re feeling really enthusiastic, you can even do last week’s task too! Let’s do this.

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