A very Virgin Christmas - the Virgin Management Christmas Fair!

Yesterday we truly got into the festive spirit by opening our doors to some really exciting small businesses for the Virgin Management Christmas Fair – Ginger Doodles, Candy Baker, Lexie Sport, Celebrate, Yours Sustainably and Echo Books. Some businesses we’ve funded through Virgin StartUp, some Virgin Media Pioneers, and even one business that’s a project of one of the Virgin Startup team!

At Virgin Startup, our support doesn’t end with loans and mentoring. We also love to give our businesses opportunities they wouldn’t get anywhere else, and to see them grow and expand. As well as a chance to get those last few Christmas presents sewn up (or, for some of us, start the festive shopping season…), the fair was the perfect opportunity to catch up with some businesses we’d helped start up, catch up on their news, and discover what’s next for them. And so the end of the evening found us with loaded shopping bags, empty wallets, stomachs full of mince pies, and a general sense of excitement at how many awesome businesses are starting up in the UK!

Here are some highlights of the evening...

pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

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pic 10

Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons