IWD 2016: empowering more women to start up

International Women's Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of women globally and to look at ways we can continue to build a more equal world through female empowerment. A huge part of this is getting more women to start their own businesses, and giving them the tools to succeed.

At Virgin StartUp we've given away over £3.5m in startup loans to female entrepreneurs, and we want to see even more starting their own businesses. Starting your own business gives you the flexibility to set your own rules, work your own hours and craft the job that suits you - no glass ceilings or outdated attitudes here.

annabel karmel

Mei Shui, Managing Director of Virgin StartUp, says in the Scotsman - renamed as The Scotswoman to celebrate IWD 2016 - "In the build-up to International Women’s Day I’ve heard lots of talk about closing the gender pay gap, smashing through glass ceilings and a ­quota for females on company boards. Well, thousands of women are achieving all of the above in one fell swoop, by starting their own businesses."

Read the rest of the piece here, and a huge shout out to all our female entrepreneurs changing the world as well as the status quo!

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