Making it happen with #GEW2015

So you have an amazing idea - now what do you do to turn it into a reality? Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 has been all about empowering you to make your dreams real - from pencil sketch to production line, from seed of an idea to finished product.

Three amazing businesses gathered to discuss how they went from idea to reality, talking through their processes and challenges. The businesses were SOAK Shakes & Co., creators of the UK's first cashew-milk dairy-free shakes; Shake Your Power, a social enterprise providing clean energy through the power of an innovative percussion instrument; and Carribean Sweetie, a Jamaica-based business creating sweets influenced by the traditional flavours of Jamaica.

Here's their advice to startups news and established on how to get your idea out there.

First steps

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first steps 4

first steps 3

first steps 2

First steps 1

Getting out there

getting out there 1

getting out there 2

getting out there 3

getting out there 4

getting out there 5

getting out there 6

Getting funded

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getting funded 2

getting funded 3

getting funded 4

Top tips for making it happen

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Success 1

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