Our masterclasses offer you the opportunity to deep-dive into subject areas relevant to starting, funding or scaling your business.

Each masterclass is hosted by a subject matter expert, who will offer their invaluable insight and help you develop your understanding, not just of the theory, but of how that theory can be practically applied to the benefit of your business.
We've been busy over the summer, working hard to develop three brand new classes - take a look at what we've come up with:


Building Your Sales Strategy

Growing your start up from a great idea into a successful business will require you to sell the right thing to the right client at the right time and build a pipeline of predictable sales. In fact, as your business grows, this is something potential investors will pay close attention to. 

This class will take you through practical tools and techniques that will help you create a high quality sales pipeline, and sell in a more structured, repeatable and successful way.



How To Read Contracts

Led by Martin Fanning, a partner at Dentons international law firm and a leader in the field of commercial contracts, this new masterclass will help you to understand the essential elements of commercial contracts.

By the time the session has ended, you should be in a position to read a contract that is put in front of you, recognising and understanding its key features - which should then allow you to raise appropriate and considered questions - and hopefully stop you from committing to something without fully understanding its true implications!

Martin has also agreed to take a look at any clauses that participants might be worried about in their own contracts as part of this session.



How To Use Social Media

This class will explore how social media has been used successfully by entrepreneurs and help you to develop a social media strategy for your own start-up . You will look at setting campaign objectives, identifying the target audience and the right channels, creating engaging content and managing your presence.

Led by Felix Gottschalk a Digital Marketing Consultant at Accenture, a leading global technology consultancy, this masterclass is one not to miss if you're looking at using social media to develop your business.