Tell us your #TrainIdea and win a book by Richard Branson!

Picture the scene. You’ve dragged yourself out of bed, chomped on a piece of toast on your way to the station, and slumped into your usual seat. Around you are the characters you see every day. You notice, as usual, you’ve gotten crumbs all down your dress. Wouldn’t it be amazing, you think, to have a little tiny vacuum cleaner that would fit into your handbag? You could hoover yourself off. Am I sleep-deprived, or is that like a totally great idea?

Whether you’re already an entrepreneur, an aspiring one, or just someone with a bit too much time to think on your journey into work, there’s something about a commute that can inspire some great ideas. And we want to hear them!

In partnership with Virgin Trains, every Thursday morning between 7am and 9am we want you to tweet us your wonderful and weird business ideas on the hashtag #TrainIdea. The best one will win a Richard Branson book to inspire your next ideas.

We’re kicking it off tomorrow, so get your phone ready, your business brain on, and get involved tomorrow by tweeting your #TrainIdea to @VirginStartUp and @VirginTrains. It beats dribbling onto the shoulders of your fellow commuters.


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