VIDEO: what happened when six start-ups hung out in the Branson family garden?

Pitch to Rich 2014 was bigger than ever. 21,000 people voted, hundreds of businesses entered and the social media reach was phenomenal with #Pitch2Rich trending on Twitter.

The live final, which was streamed into 96 countries saw over 200 startups, journalists and business mentors take over Branson’s family garden, as six of the UK’s top entrepreneurs pitched their business idea to the Virgin founder and his panel of judges.

What gets us most excited about all this is it showcases the pure excitement and buzz around entrepreneurship in the UK right now. This really is the best time there has ever been to start a business and people everywhere are beginning to realise it.

There were two awards in Pitch to Rich 2014 - The StartUp Award and The Innovation Award. Both had grand prizes of £5,000, that’s also the same amount entrepreneurs who receive a Virgin StartUp loan get, on average. You can see how these entrepreneurs have put that cash to use on our 'Entrepreneur Stories' page.

All six businesses in the Pitch to Rich final were founded within the last two years. They’ve managed to go from an idea dreamt up in the gym, on the bus or shower, to being on stage sharing that same idea with the UK’s most influential entrepreneurs.

Startups are taking off left, right and center. Here at Virgin StartUp, we have our finger pressed down on the launch button.