It might be a cliché, but we’re believers in the power of New Years Resolutions. You don’t have to set your goals sky-high, or get too ambitious – but just writing down the things you’d like to achieve this year makes them that little bit more real.

Whether it’s winning more customers, learning a new skill or expanding, all businesses can benefit from thinking about their #goals for 2017. We asked our Virgin StartUp ambassadors for the things they’re hoping to achieve in 2017.

John Auckland, founder of crowdfunding agency TribeFirst

My new year's resolution is to find one new point of difference for my business in 2017. I've been operating a completely new business for a year and now others are starting to copy the model, so the only way to stay ahead is to continually innovate while staying true to the original idea.

Seb Francis, founder of international education software company Titus Learning

I have two main New Years Resolutions! One is to start a podcast aimed at new and aspiring entrepreneurs, encouraging entrepreneurship as a career choice. My second is to keep growing the Titus team, focus on continued quality service as we grow, and rework our marketing message now we're three years old with some key clients.

Caroline McQueen, founder of brand agency Industry Avenue

To experience more joy and less overwhelm in my business by doing more of the things I love, and less of the things I don’t. Also, my intention for 2017, is to reach even more men and women who are in the throes of building their empire to look (and feel) success ready from website-to-wardrobe.

Darcy Ida, founder of photobooth business Ida Pod

"Chance favours the prepared...fortune favours the bold," is a saying we live by -  preparation in anything we set out to both in life and business is key to our succcess.    

Structure is something I will be working on vividly for 2017! 

Lois and Michela Wilson, founders of luxury chocolate business Saint Aymes

Our New Years resolution is to get wholesalers for our luxury chocolates.

Tom Birbeck, co-founder of reef regeneration company Arc Marine

To continue our efforts and excel in the building of our marine habitats for future generations. Why? Because all life on earth depends on our oceans.

Edward Deacon, founder of video production company Shooting Reels

To continue with the success we have had to date. We have recently evolved from a video production to a visual content creative company, as we now offer 360°, drone, photography and video content to businesses and brands. We will be looking at finding new premises as we require hiring more staff.

Frank Milani, founder of hardware company Popcord

This year has seen great growth for Popcord, but at times that meant prioritising short-term needs over long-term strategy. 

Next year our focus is going to be on getting back the right balance between execution and vision and work harder towards our bigger purpose.

Why? We are driven by designing products that make our life a bit easier without adding clutter to it. This is what drives us. 

Navina Bartlett, founder of Coconut Chilli

For the last couple of years I’ve been seriously juggling work and home life, which has been very overwhelming, so my resolution is to really take care of myself. I will schedule exercise and play time and I won’t feel guilty about it. I aim to be my VERY best self so that I can lead my business for the long-term.

Imran Ayoub, founder of De Melo

My resolution is to spend more time on the business than in the business. During this year I realised that actually taking time out from "in" the business to work "on" the business resulted in far better productivity and led to some fantastic results - including meeting Sir Richard himself.