Virgin StartUp presents: how to create a standout brand in the food industry

The food start-up space is as crowded as a tube train at rush hour. Yet, some businesses manage to stand-out, rise head and shoulders above the rest and have customers engaging with them on social media, recommending them to friends and most importantly, buying their products consistently.

So how do they differentiate themselves and really connect with their customer? It all comes down to branding. Here at Virgin StartUp we give start-up loans ranging from £500 - £25,000 to people looking to start businesses. Every week we’ll find ourselves working with a new food start-up, so we decided to host an exclusive food start-up workshop aimed at taking those who want to start a food business from idea to trading.

How to create a standout brand

The video below is the second in the series and focuses on how to create a standout brand. We invited Kate Mcauley, journalist for Grazia, Huffington Post and Grazia to uncover how your start-up can get coverage. Greg Duggan, founder of WheyHey to hear how he built a cult following for his protein ice-cream and Caroline Diloway the founder of Elmwood, a specialist branding and design consultancy.

Watch episode one - how to start a food business