Today we’re announcing that Virgin StartUp have signed up to the Better Business Act, and we’re calling on businesses, large and small, to do the same and help change business for good.

Andy Fishburn and Holly Branson

As a society, we are at a pivotal moment on many fronts, and are up against some of the biggest challenges many of us will ever see. From the climate and ecological crisis to inequality and instability, the only way to start to solve them is to come together and each play our part. For us at Virgin StartUp, that means business becoming part of the solution and stepping up. The time is now. 

The Better Business Act campaign aims to change UK law to make sure every single company, whether big or small, aligns the interests of their shareholders with those of wider society and the environment. 

The objective is to amend Section 172 of the Companies Act in line with these principles, thus fundamentally changing how businesses are governed and how they act. 

Systemic problems call for systemic solutions, and the Better Business Act is just that; a bold and timely campaign to encourage founders, Executives and Directors to commit to doing things differently, for the sake of our planet and our communities. 

The drive towards more conscientious business has never been stronger. We know the world is changing, and that fundamentally, businesses need to change with it. Consumers and investors alike are looking for more purposeful brands to engage with, and the potential for creating lasting impact is great, surpassed only by the urgency to act.

Virgin StartUp-funded Freestar have also signed the Act

We have always believed in the power of business to create change, and know that the startup founders of today and tomorrow will be at the forefront of driving forward new innovations and ideas which will have a positive impact. 

I'm thrilled that by signing up to the Better Business Act, we're joining a growing list of founders we've supported throughout the years, including OddBox, Oxwash and Freestar, to name a few. 

Virgin StartUp will join Virgin Management as they too sign the Act, led by Chief Purpose Officer Holly Branson. It's fantastic to see Holly and the team paving the way for more and more companies to get behind the Act to change business for good. 

If you want to hear more about the Act and to learn how to build a more purposeful and impactful business more broadly, grab a free ticket to our MeetUp on 10th November.  Here we’ll be joined by the Better Business Act's Campaign Director, alongside a panel of founders and investors, to discuss how they're leading the charge on purposeful businesses and how we can each play our part in building better businesses for the future.

"We're thrilled to be backing this campaign for better business, and joining an incredible community of founders backing the Act. Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to come together to commit to a more sustainable and positive future for everyone, and the Better Business Act could lead to a once-in-a-generation change in how we all do business." Andy Fishburn, Managing Director, Virgin StartUp