#VSUTeaBreak - appreciating our startups

Every time we fund a new business, we're in awe of the range, diversity and courage of the UK's startups. We get to see innovation and creativity every day - people taking the plunge to start their dreams and make it happen. By now we've given away over £10m in startup loans and seen our businesses get stocked by major retailers, win awards,  and much more - it's been an amazing journey so far. And there's much more to come.

We wanted to do a little something to show how proud  we are of all our startups. Getting post in an era full of emails, texts and instant messages feels like a a bit of a treat, and it's also a welcome reminder to unplug for a second. And if we know one thing, it's that startups are constantly on the go. We decided to commission a specially-designed card featuring a quote from Richard Branson himself, and inside a little message from us.

A reminder to take a break and make yourself a well-deserved cuppa. A reminder that we believe in all of our startups. And a reminder to congratulate yourself on all you've achieved so far, because even if you're just starting out you've taken the biggest step already - deciding to go for it.

Here are a few of the responses we got - to see the rest check out the #VSUTeaBreak hashtag on Twitter.

Caroline McQueen - Industry Avenue

De Melo - Virgin StartUp

Eat Dark Matters - Virgin StartUp

Train like an Athlete - Virgin StartUp

Zara Cakes - Virgin StartUp

So a huge shout out to all our Virgin StartUp-funded businesses - we're proud to support you, and hope you're proud to be supported by us! Here's to helping many more entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, driving the UK economy and changing the face of business as we go.

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