Want a free ticket to the UK’s most prestigious business event? Here’s your chance!

The IoD Annual Convention is the highlight of the business calendar – not just in the UK, but globally. Going strong since 1950, year after year the sharpest global minds meet to discuss the past, present, and future of the business world.

This year’s event at the Royal Albert Hall on October 3rd will feature talks from figures such as Travis Kalanick, founder of Uber,  Andy Bird C.B.E, Chairman at Walt Disney International, and  Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. There will also be appearances from key government speakers, and representatives from businesses all over the world – a perfect opportunity to both learn and get inspired, but also to do the kind of networking that’s normally a pipe dream.

And we’re giving away tickets to 10 Virgin Startup businesses – so dream no longer!

Entering is simple. Just fill out the form below and answer the following question: how would attending the competition be beneficial to your business?

Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons