We’re disrupting the way entrepreneurs raise finance

Raise funding for your business idea through Crowdfunder and you’ll be eligible to have it matched with a Virgin StartUp loan.

Virgin Startup launched in 2013 with the ambition of changing the prospect of start-ups for good. Today, we are announcing the next step along this path – an innovative and ambitious partnership with Crowdfunder, the UK’s leading reward-based crowdfunding platform.

There’s an initial £750,000 available from us to put towards turning ideas into businesses. Unlock that funding now by applying here.

When we look to give out Virgin StartUp loan funding we have to see if your idea is valid. Well, if you’ve got the crowd giving you cash to launch that business, then we know there’s an audience of customers hungry for your business to launch and we’ll do our best to make that happen.

Over the last few years there’s been a revolution in the way entrepreneurs raise money to get their business off the ground. There are more funding options available than ever before, which is brilliant. But rather than these different options competing for entrepreneurs to use them, they should be working together to help as many people start-up as possible. That’s why we’re teaming up with Crowdfunder.

Why fund your idea this way?

Through this partnership you get to keep equity, take on less debt and reach your funding target faster with an audience ready to sell to.

Start-ups typically have two money challenges

1)      Money to invest in the infrastructure needed for the business to run (everything from a laptop to an entire office fit out)

2)      Validating demand and generating those key initial sales

Virgin StartUp loan funding is very good at addressing the first point but it's always good to not take on too much debt.

Reward-based crowdfunding addresses the second but often leaves little cash to invest in infrastructure vital to the fulfilment of demand and the longevity of the business

On top of this, every successful business will also get the full support of Virgin StartUp to not only start-up, but to stay-up.

You’ll be matched with your own mentor who is committed to 15 hours one-on-one support over 12 months.


Gemma Breese, founder of Okie Soap, a business which has recently successfully crowdfunded £2500 to expand her business has already applied for a Virgin Start Up Loan: "I've really enjoyed the crowdfunding process and it's brilliant to see all the extra opportunities that are open to businesses after they've crowdfunded.

"I've already applied for a Virgin StartUp Loan through Crowdfunder which would really boost my business and amplify the funds that I've already raised from my community of supporters.

Do you have a business idea you are ready to start? Register now and we’ll be in touch to help you turn that idea into a reality.