We’re sending some amazing entrepreneurs to New York!

New York, New York! The city that never sleeps, the Big Apple, the dream for many entrepreneurs who want to spread their wings and go global. This year, alongside Enterprise Nation and with our friends over at Virgin Media Pioneers, we were allowed to pick two entrepreneurs on the trip of a lifetime.

The lucky businesses will find themselves touring Etsy HQ, networking with American entrepreneurs, meeting business journalists, and – of course – exploring all that New York has to offer. It’s an invaluable opportunity to make connections and discover more about the practicalities and possibilities of going global.

Deciding on the people we wanted to send was tough. We had hundreds of amazing entrepreneurs apply – but in the end, there could only be two winners. And the people who’ll be jetting off to the states are…

Dowa Ojarikre of Gennex

Representing Virgin Media Pioneers

It’s surprising, but solar hasn’t really caught on in America yet – and we believe that companies such as Gennex, incorporating solar in a way that solves everyday problems and makes the technology accessible to people wouldn’t otherwise consider it, will be the ones to crack the market. Gennex create products such as phone cases that double up as chargers, and their commitment to innovation makes them a very exciting brand indeed!

Dowa says, “I’m super excited to be heading out to NYC! I’m looking forward to connecting with other business minds and taking Gennex to that next level.”

Stuart Fraser of Bark & Miao

Representing Virgin StartUp

Starting to make their first sales in Japan, we thought that the next perfect country for Bark & Miao would be America – a place where their luxury pet homes are sure to find a devoted audience! These aren’t your average dog beds – these beautifully-crafted ‘pods’ take caring for your pet to a whole new level.

A big thanks to everyone who entered, and stay tuned – there’ll be more opportunities before you know it!