Picture this: you’re halfway through a Virgin StartUp Masterclass on ‘how to build a knockout brand’, when Sir Richard Branson casually enters from the back of the room to join in.

That’s exactly what happened to these entrepreneurs when Richard joined their workshop to give an exclusive mentoring session on how he’s managed to develop the Virgin brand over the last 40 years.



He revealed the story of how the name Virgin was created, and how the company was nearly called Slipped Disc Records. He also shared the craziest PR stunt he’s ever taken part in, and why it’s vital to create excitement around your brand when you first start out. 

This event was part of a growing number of masterclasses run by Virgin StartUp to give entrepreneurs the practical skills and tools they need to launch and grow awesome businesses.

With a focus on how to develop a brand on little or no budget, the masterclass discusses the tactics used by Virgin that have helped the company to become one of the most recognisable brands on the planet. 

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We like to support new businesses and are proud to say the video above was shot and edited by Virign StartUp ambassador Ed Deacon, founder of Shooting Reels. A video production company that launched after receiving a Start Up Loan through Virgin StartUp. 

Virgin StartUp ambassadors 2016 with Richard