We’ve teamed up with Virgin Red to create the ultimate Virgin StartUp prize hamper, whilst at the same time giving a few of our supported entrepreneurs a little bit of extra publicity.

The Virgin Red loyalty app has launched a month-long treasure hunt. One million physical and digital golden coins have been hidden around the UK. Each coin includes a digital code that unlocks points within the app, and those who collect enough points will open a series of vaults containing prizes. The contest will conclude with nine users winning the chance to fly to Sir Richard Branson’s estate on Necker Island to participate in a real treasure hunt. To find out more about Virgin Red and V Marks the Spot, click here.

Virgin StartUp is joining in the fun with one lucky winner taking home a gift hamper featuring a huge haul of exclusive products from 13 of our supported entrepreneurs. To find out more about each of the companies and what they have brought to the hamper, see below.

The thirteen companies are:

Business: Saint Luke

Product(s) in the hamper: A stylish and sturdy short-haul travel bag worth £125.

Business: The Glamorous Jam Co.

Product(s) in the hamper: Two very tasty raspberry and basil-flavoured jams.

Business: Smith and Sinclair

Product(s) in the hamper: Two delicious selections of cocktail pastilles in gin and vodka flavours.

Business: Illuminated Apparel

Product(s) in the hamper: A glow-in-the-dark branded t-shirt so the winner can show their commitment to "Living a Life more Virgin" both day and night.

Business: Empire Chocolates

Product(s) in the hamper: Handcrafted Marie Antoinette Oreo Crumble chocolate and Klimt Salted Carmel Hazelnut chocolate, both made with 24k gold flakes.

Business: Harry Brompton’s

Product(s) in the hamper: Three premium alcoholic iced teas in refreshing Peach, Berries & Cucumber, and Original flavours./

Business: T-Sticks of London

Product(s) in the hamper: Two boxes of 15 handy little T-Sticks for tea on the move.

Business: Coppernose

Product(s) in the hamper: Two packs of the hottest craft jerky London has to offer.

Business: PopCord

Product(s) in the hamper: A stylish micro-USB charger that attaches to your key ring so you never leave home without it

Business: The Original Olive Oil Company

Product(s) in the hamper: Fresh sun-ripened olives in Garlic and Herb flavor, and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil.

Business: Lois and the Living Teas

Product(s) in the hamper: Two Kombucha teas in Ginger and Blueberry flavours.

Business: Cool Cold Brews

Product(s) in the hamper: Hand-brewed sustainable cold brew coffee.

Business: Ro-Co

Product(s) in the hamper: A handmade diamond plant hanger and unique air plant.