CrowdBoost graduate and founder of Optiat, Will Brightmore, talks us through the impact attending the equity crowdfunding accelerator had on his business. 

1. What Is Optiat?

We transform quality ingredients that would otherwise be discarded into natural, sustainable skincare products.           

2. How much did you raise during your crowdfunding campaign?

We raised £217,500 from 377 investors. Our initial target was £150k.

3. Why did you decide to crowdfund?

Crowdfunding was a brilliant way for us to tap into a huge pool of potential individuals who could not only become investors but also brand ambassadors and advisors. Furthermore, crowdfunding offers better marketing and publicity opportunities than through private investment rounds.

4. Why did you apply for CrowdBoost?

CrowdBoost represented a fast-track way to crowdfund by tapping into relevant expertise supported by John Auckland at Tribe First and the Virgin StartUp team. It also came at no additional cost to the company, making the application a no-brainer.

5. What was the most valuable way in which CrowdBoost helped?

CrowdBoost emphasised the importance of preparation across all aspects of the crowdfunding campaign. These spanned preparing an investment deck, to filming the video, finding private cornerstone investors and organising a PR and marketing plan to accompany the crowdfunding campaign once live.

Sustainable skincare company Optiat crowdfunded over £200k after taking part in CrowdBoost.

6. How was the CrowdBoost Investor Evening?

The Investor Evening was a fantastic way to “road test” the campaign by pitching in front of real Crowdcube investors. Questions focused on plans for the business, financials and the team.

7. What tips would you give other companies thinking of joining CrowdBoost?

If you're thinking about crowdfunding, I would certainly recommend applying. It’s a fantastic course alongside a cohort of other brands which provides an accelerated route to a successful campaign.

8. What was it about your business that made it so attractive to investors?

Having a purpose that went beyond profit – for us this was promoting a circular economy by transforming ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away into a high-quality sustainable skincare product.

9. Have you had any big wins for your business since CrowdBoost?

We recently launched into 200 Waitrose stores which was our first big success since completing the round.

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