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Collective Impact provides access to training, networks, and investors to help you grow your business with the right partners.

Scale your impact

Now accepting applications for our February cohort. Applications close 21st January 2024.

Are you a purpose-driven founder in the UK looking to raise investment for the first time?

Introducing the return of our Collective Impact programme, expertly crafted for founders committed to making a positive impact.

Delivered over 7 weeks, Collective Impact has been specially designed to help founders:

  • Understand the funding landscape and what investors are looking for
  • Develop a knockout investment deck and brilliant pitch
  • Learn how to unlock grant, equity and and crowdfunding to grow
  • Get you and your co-founders investment-ready

By taking part, you'll also join the Virgin StartUp community of thousands of founders building the businesses they're passionate about.

We've helped thousands of startups raise investment, grow, build a winning team and do something great. What's stopping you?

The 24 founders from our 2022 programme have raised more than £4.7 million funding. 

Are you next?

Collective Impact was incredible. It taught us more about our focus and the funding landscape than any youtube video or blog article ever could. The Virgin StartUp team were exceptional.
Kyle Grant, OxWash Founder
Kyle Grant, raised £475k
Virgin StartUp’s support enabled us to raise capital via crowdfunding in an efficient and streamlined way that made the whole process a lot more pleasant than it might have been
Anna Brightman from UpCircle
Anna Brightman, raised £218k
If you’re a founder who's raising money for the first time, this programme definitely helps prepare you. It sharpens your deck and your thinking and connects you with people who can help.
Karen, founder of Stroiboard
Karen Harris, raised £1.4m
This programme gives you great access to knowledgable advisors and valuable course sessions. You're part of a great community of purpose-driven founders.
Tom and Hugo
Hugo and Thomas, raised £284k
MeetUp London Virgin StartUp

Unlock the next stage of your impact journey

By joining the programme, you’ll get:

  • Expert insight – Virgin StartUp brings industry experts in funding, angel investment, pitching, marketing, PR, law, and more to deliver in-depth interactive workshops
  • Community – you’ll join a cohort of founders on the same journey for support and accountability 
  • Networks – practice your pitch with impact investors looking for ambitious founders to back
  • Founder inspiration – unrivalled access to other founders who've been there, and done that, so you can too.
  • Investment-ready - get the necessary materials together for fundraising like a pitch deck 
  • Impact strategy - delivered by purpose-led founders and mentors, ensuring your impact grows as your business does
  • Post-programme support - 6 months of facilitated peer mastermind sessions
  • Keep your control - we don't take any equity as part of the programme 

Programme details

Collective Impact is a hybrid, 7-week programme delivered by Virgin StartUp and led by fundraising and investment expert, Sutin Yang.

Activities over the 7 weeks include:

  • One day of live webinars with experts every Tuesday.
  • In person meet & greet with cohort and programme experts
  • 2 investor practice sessions
  • 1-1 sessions with experts each week
  • Demo Day in front of ecosystem and investors

Apply Now

Begin your application here

By applying, you acknowledge the programme fee of £2,750 excluding VAT. Applications close on 21st January 2024.

I've got a few more questions..

You should find everything you need below, but if not, just email scaleup@virginstartup.org and we'll get back to you pronto. You can also book a call with Elle Upshall using the link at the bottom of this page. 

What is the 7 week Collective Impact programme?


Our 7 week investment readiness accelerator programme has been specially designed to help founders that want to create positive change in the world raise funding. We will cover and help you understand all the different funding options such as grants, tax credits, loans, crowdfunding and equity. We will then work with you to get you investment ready and pitch perfect to raise your funding round.

Sounds great. What're the benefits?


Virgin StartUp have worked with thousands of founders to help them develop the skills, confidence, contacts and networks to grow their businesses and thrive.

Our Collective Impact programme has been designed by funding and investment experts to help you:

  • Get the necessary materials together for fundraising

  • Understand the funding landscape and investor expectations

  • Understand grant applications and what Crowdfunding entails

  • Develop a strong pitch by practicing with actual investors

  • Learn how to find and approach potential investors

I've got a brilliant co-founder - can they join?


That's great. Co-founders are encouraged to attend together, but it is recommended that the founder who will be pitching to investors attend most sessions.

Is it right for me?


We’ve designed our accelerator for founders who have done validation of the need for their product or service and have an MVP or early traction metrics such as waitlists, partners, customers, or sales revenue and are planning on raising their first external funding.

We're industry-agnostic, so are looking for ambitious founders from different sectors and backgrounds whose businesses make a positive impact in the world, to ensure a vibrant mix of experiences on the programme. 

To apply for the programme, you must be looking to scale your business, and raise investment, in the UK.

What is the format?


The programme is delivered primarily online with a mix of live webinars, interactive workshops, and one-on-one mentoring sessions, including with real investors. There are also 3 hybrid events: one meet-and-greet with the cohort, practice with a speaking coach and an in-person demo day at the end.

How much time do I need to give to the programme?


One day a week 9.30 am to 4.30pm  (Tuesdays and/ or Wednesdays). There will also be an additional 1-2 hours for your one-to-one session with the investor in residence and other experts.

You should expect to give 4 to 8 hours a week of independent work if you don’t have any investment materials at all, and 2-4 hours a week of independent work if you already have some materials and are working on refining them.

How much does the programme cost to participate?


Subject to being offered a place on the programme, the cost is £2,750 (excluding VAT), which should be paid before the programme start date.

We do not take any equity as part of this programme. 

I'm in. What's the application process?


You start your application by clicking Apply on this page, where you'll be redirected to the initial application form. 

After applications close there will be 1 week for interviews and 1 week for payment. Successful applicants will be required to accept and pay the programme fee within a specified timeframe ahead of onboarding in order to secure their place

To apply, simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we'll be in touch for final interviews if selected. 

The programme costs £2,750+VAT to take part and full payment is required ahead of the programme start date. 

Applications close: 21st January

Programme start date:20th February 2024

What is the selection criteria?


We encourage founders from a range of sectors and backgrounds to apply for the programme. It's suited for founders raising funding for the first time, and the selection criteria for the programme are based on:

  • the quality of the startup’s business idea and positive impact
  • the team's relevant experience and qualifications, and
  • your product or service’s traction with users

To apply for the programme, your business must be based in the UK.

If I take part does this guarantee investment in my business?


We can't guarantee investment after taking part, but you can be sure we'll give you the tools, skills, networks and support to give you the best possible chance. You got this. 

When does the programme run?


The programme will start on February 20th and finish with a demo day on the week of April 30th. There will be a 2 week break for Easter from Friday March 29th to Friday April 12th.

Doing business the Virgin way

Virgin have spent 50 years building business after business with our irresistible brand. We know what it takes to go from start, to sale and beyond, and nothing is off limits.

Now, we're committed to helping the next generation of founders change the world and scale the businesses they're passionate about. 

Virgin StartUp by the numbers:

5,000+ funded founders

£70m+ in Start Up Loan funding

Committed to 50/50 gender equality on all our programmes

Sutin Yang, Head of Scale-up Programmes at Virgin StartUp

Book your call to find out more

If you want to discuss your application, you can book in a free 20 minute call with Head of Scale-ups, Sutin Yang.

Stocked Founders

If you're planning to raise funds in the near future and need some direction and specialist advice, Virgin StartUp is a no brainer. 

Sam and Charlie, co-founders of Stocked, raised £575k