Virgin StartUp: Ida Pod 

All great start-ups are born out of a problem that the founder eventually solves. In the case of Darcy, of of Ida Pod her problem was finding a great photo-booth for her wedding that came with great customer service. Her solution? Start her own one.

Location: London

Elevator pitch:

Ida Pod Ltd is an innovative events company which specialises in supplying staffed high-tech photo booths for events. We aim to be the most recognizable photo booth hire company in the UK by 2016.


What's the business model?

The business model consists of renting our photo booths to clients for 2-8 hours depending on their requirements.

Once purchased the photo booth arrives at the venue with 2 staff members dressed in appropriate attire for the event. Customers can purchase extra hours on the day if they wish to keep using the booth once their allotted time has run out.

We currently own 2 booths which are fully paid for by the business. We have relied heavily on online advertising which we estimate will result in a maximum turnover of £1200 per booth per week.


Who are your competitors?

BlueSteel Photo Booths, Megabooths, to name a few.


What's your USP? 

We have the best booths on the market, Strong Branding, Excellent Customer service and with well trained, personable and well presented staff.


Where did the idea come from? 

Within my group of friends I have always been known as the person who organizes our events. I got married a few years back and searched high and low for a photo booth I was surprised to see how few companies there were especially the very few who offered any sort of good customer service. Later I realised I had an idea that could be a viable one.  I love the idea of taking photos, capturing moments and memories of that moment in time and I love fancy dress and dressing up my creative mind always trying to think outside the box I thought to myself, what if we married the two. . .

How much funding did you receive from Virgin StartUp?


How are you going to use the money to grow your business?

We will use the money for a marketing campaign targeting venues and events companies. We will do this by putting on free events and inviting representatives of both venues and events companies.


Who’s your Virgin StartUp mentor?

Rob Savage.

What challenge are they helping you overcome?

I have lots of ideas and Rob is helping me screen them.


What’s the best advice you’ve received?

Don’t forget to breathe…


Where will your business be in 12 month’s time?

In 12 months we aim to have exclusive deals to supply our booths to at least 30 venues in London & Essex and have close links to 10 London based events companies

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