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MeetUp: How to stay calm and creative in uncertain times

26th October

What should founders do to protect their businesses and teams during times of crisis?

Growth programme for founders

Masterclass: Marketing

4th October

Delivered by Joana Veiga Ferreira, founder of JVF Marketing, in this Masterclass you will find out how to market your business on a budget, cut through the noise and reach your customers across all channels including website, SEO, paid media, content marketing, email, social media, PR, and events.

Tickets are free for Virgin Money customers.


Masterclass: Branding

18th October

Delivered by Scott Leonard, this Masterclass will help you understand how inspiring global brands overcame great challenges and ge to know the insightful narratives of how they found their purpose. The session will practically look at the Golden Circle model and explore the significance of your Why, How & What and the impact that purpose can have on your brand. If you want your brand to stand out, this is for you.

Tickets are free for Virgin Money customers.


Masterclass: PR

25th October

Delivered by award-winning journalist and Virgin StartUp Mentor Chantal Cooke, this Masterclass you will show you how PR can help your business, the way you craft an engaging press release, what to say and where to send it. This unmissable primer into the industry will give you everything you need to become a PR Guru like Chantal and attract the attention you need.

Tickets are free for Virgin Money customers.