#VSUInstagramTakeover: the winner

Recently we ran a competition inviting our funded startups to apply for the chance to take over our Instagram for a week. You'd get your product in front of our 3000+ followers, and a chance to be noticed by a whole new audience - a great opportunity to get some more followers over on your own account, and also to show more about what happens behind the scenes of your business.

We're really pleased to announce the winner - Fierce. Fierce create a stylish weightlifting belt designed to meet the needs of women who love to lift weights. Weightlifting is increasing in popularity, and while there's no shortage of weightlifting belts designed with men in mind, founder Cecilia Monroe found this area severely lacking when it came to women. A weightlifting belt is a crucial component in ensuring you don't injure yourself whilst doing certain moves, and so she decided to set out to design one that would be suitable for female bodies - and stylish too, because why should gym kit be boring? We were impressed by Fierce's take on fitness inspiration and their positive, professional Instagram presence, as well as the unique product itself.

Fierce #VSUInstagramTakeover

Today Cecilia uploaded her first #VSUInstagramTakeover post (above). Every day there will be a new post, and in keeping with April's Marketing theme each image will provide a snapshot and a top tip into Fierce's marketing strategy approach. Make sure you follow Fierce over on their own Instagram account - and enjoy the rest of their updates through the week over on our Instagram!

Thanks also to the other businesses that applied for the opportunity. There will be other chances in the future, so stay tuned!

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